Replica IH HT-340 Turbine Powered Tractor


This tractor is in prestine condition.  It has been displayed at only two shows under ideal weather conditions.  It runs very well, is easy to operate and very smooth.  If you saw this replica next to the original, it would be difficult to tell the difference.  It is however mechanically different and for several reasons.  One being that the parts used in the original are just not available today.  A Second reason is that the original was not a safe or practical design.  To make the Tractor more affordable, safer and easier to operate, common of the shelf components were incorporated into a very basic design.  The driveline uses a Hydraulic pump, motor and bypass valve.  When starting out the bypass valve is open just pumping oil back to the tank.  Closing the bypass valve pumps oil to the drive motor which is coupled to the normal transmission, wheels and brakes.  The steering uses a separate 24vdc hydraulic power pack and motor.  This allows the power steering to function without the main turbine running.

It has new reproduction Good-Year tires same style as used on the original.

The turbine was designed to run on J4 fuel.  It has been run at the shows on Kerosene Indoor Heater fuel.  It is essentially the same and runs very well on it. 

One misconception, in part from pictures of the original HT-340 with the operator wearing a flame suit, Is that the exhaust from this tractor is a dangerous fire hazard.  There are no sparks or any flames coming out the exhaust.  The exhaust vent is designed with a Venturi Tube around it.  The velocity and flow of the exhaust draws cool air from around the vent.  This results in a similar exhaust temperature to that of any typical diesel farm tractor.  The operator does not feel any heat.  Nor is the turbine engine as loud as many think.  60000 RPM is a high frequency.  High frequency sound does not travel very far.  Thats not to say that it is unheard and once running it attracts a crowd.

Included with the tractor is a very good Maintenance and repair manual for the turbine.  This came with the turbine which was bought used with low hours and startups.  I have no proof of hours or starts but it runs excellent and has used no oil during the time operated at the shows.

The tractor uses two 12volt 1000amp batteries.  These will start the tractor 10-15 times on a charge cycle.  There is no on board charging system.  It will be sold with a good working charger that simply plugs into a connector on the side of the tractor. 

The original was a Concept Tractor used as a test bed and a sales booster.  It was never intended to be placed into production or perform actual work.  The turbine has a maximum speed of 60000 rpm it has been fitted with an over run governor to protect the turbine.  Running the turbine at too low an rpm it will flame out.  Just cruising around the show grounds is no problem to regulate the speed and the throttle easy to manage.  You do not need an engineering degree to own this tractor although a very good all around mechanical ability is strongly suggested.

This Tractor HAS BEEN SOLD

Latest Update may 12, 2012